Orfey, the symbiosis between intuitive neurotechnology and emotion. Let yourself be transported into an immersive sound universe. 

A vision: adapting music to your emotions

Scientists, researchers and doctors are increasingly interested in the effects of music on well-being: improving cognitive performance, fighting depression, anti-stress effect...

Our technology combines music and well-being to allow you to deal with your emotions in complete serenity. 


A new era: intuitive neurotechnology


The brain gives rise to emotions that are manifested by electrical impulses. Thanks to our electroencephalogram, Orfey detects emotions by simply measuring your brain activity.

pad electrodes
electrodes on the headband

The electrodes on the headband and pads are equipped with technology that increases the precision and quality of the signal, regardless of head movements and capillarity.


When human intelligence meets artificial intelligence

Orfey uses computer processing to provide an immersive experience.

Human Machine Interface

An H.M.I signed ONTBO.

Embedded system

An exclusive electronic design.

Artificial intelligence

Advanced algorithms.

Because no two emotions are the same, Orfey adapts to your brain activity. 


Instant calibration of algorithms to meet your needs.


Your emotional signature will shape our technology.

Nec Plus Ultra

A concentrate of simplicity

Because we believe in "less is more" minimalism, your emotional state will be directly accessible from the application of your headset to facilitate its use.

This state-of-the-art computer technology delivers appropriate playlists based on your : 




Orfey by ONTBO

We make your listening experience intuitive. A single touch of your finger on the headphones activates the Orfey feature. Let your emotions guide you.

Move gradually from one emotional state to another : the choice is yours. 

orfey red mood

Customized design: our know-how at your service

Orfey has been designed to fit perfectly into the headphones of the biggest brands, whatever the sound, the design, the story they want to tell. With its light and discreet technology, Orfey adapts with simplicity.

Let's create a unique vision by combining your immersive audio world with our intuitive neuro-technology to deliver popular, cutting-edge products.

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