About us

Deep-tech company since 2021

ONTBO has been founded to develop AI systems that help people and companies in designing hyper-personalized experiences thanks to the user’s emotions. We pursue our mission by studying affective computing and responsibly deploying our technology.

years of study before creating ONTBO
% of our team is composed of researchers
% of our our work load is dedicated to R&D

a strong purpose

Helping people empower their emotions


Athénaïs OSLATI, CEO

“I have been diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, which is the reason why I have a different perception and understanding of the emotions

I have learned to consider this as a unique opportunity of exploring new ways of handling emotions

In a world where emotions are complex and often misunderstood, I was driven by the will to create a technology that helps people with their emotions. We founded ONTBO because we trust a society where emotions are safely and freely expressed.”

Meet our team

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Our values

Design safe and reliable AI systems

We aim to encourage people to embrace their emotions through hyper-personalized and immersive experiences. Designing AI systems capable of safely empowering human essence is our ultimate objective in order to contribute to our changing world. 

We are strengthened by a joint vision shared by every member of our team which facilitates our collaborative work.

We dare to imagine a world where experiences are designed around people’s emotions, making them uniquely immersive.

Based on researches and our immagination, we are always improving our technology to meet people’s and companies’ expectations.

We aim to offer the highest level of quality to our partners, customers and users. We are also dedicated to share our knowledge on AI systems and affective computing.

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