Startup ONTBO has developed a headset, coupled with an artificial intelligence system, that can use music playlists to alter an individual's emotional state....

Athénaïs Oslati participated in the round table dedicated to artificial intelligence, a key factor of development in the region?


A headset to get to know yourself better

These headphones are a little jewel of technology that combines neurotechnology and artificial intelligence...


Meeting with Athénaïs Oslati, creator of the Orfey headphone

Our mission is to democratise mental health. With this helmet, we focus on prevention rather than cure...


An audio headset capable of analyzing, but also of modifying the emotions of a listener. A very promising technology that already interests international industrialists...


How to launch, develop and sustain Deep-tech projects? 


Orfey: a headphone to manage your emotions

It took two years of research, numerous partnerships with scientists, doctoral students and researchers to bring Orfey to life...


Compiègne start-up Orfey adapts music to emotions

With her start-up Orfey, Athénaïs Oslati, 24, from Compiègne, has joined Orange's "Women Entrepreneurs" programme which started in February...