Our story


Born in 2021, ONTBO is the result of a reflection carried out four years ago on cognitive load and mental health. It was through meetings, observation of various learning techniques and the quest for well-being that the idea of a meeting between emotion and imagination would considerably improve cognitive performance. It is from the confrontation of ideas that meaning is born.

To offer a quality experience, ONTBO has surrounded itself with doctor-researchers, engineers, developers and designers and has built itself around shared values based essentially on the collective.

ONTBO, operates at the intersection of consumer electronics and deep research. 

To meet the societal challenge of mental health and well-being, ONTBO is developing the Orfey product, a device that adapts music to the user's emotions. 

ONTBO refers to the mental health slogan, "Ok Not To Be Ok".

In order to better understand and apprehend the world around us, we have chosen to form a scientific council composed of doctors, researchers, scientists, designers who converge around various themes.

This multidisciplinary council allows the confrontation of ideas and points of view. Thus, the emerging thoughts are precious to us in order to continuously rethink the technology developed in order to be in line with the times.

Our team is made up of researchers, doctors, engineers, developers and designers to offer you a unique product that looks like you. Each of these disciplines has passionate and experienced experts.

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Creativity: from savoir-être to savoir-faire

In our technical and scientific practices, we are inspired by art and nature to address complex and multidimensional challenges. The notion of fusion is essential to us. We merge the artificial and the natural, the old and the new, the know-how and the know-how. Fusion allows us to transcend this duality that is often omnipresent when defining an emotion. Our creativity is present in the expertise and thoroughness of the design process of our technologies.

I would like to create an architecture that would be like a whirlpool that appears when you put a stick in a stream of water. I don't want to create the stick, but the whirlpool.

Toyô Itô